Sunday, June 17, 2012

Feed by Mira Grant Review

I love zombies. With a capitol I and still beating heart. Basically any post-apocalyptic fiction strikes my fancy. Any stories about an event that changes the world and the people in it. Causing people to fight to survive and showing their true colors in the process. The most common type of postapocalyptica these days is zombie fiction. And as I said: I heart zombies. Come on, who hasn't had multiple conversations about what they would do if the dead started rising when they were supposed to be doing anything remotely productive. My love for the sub-genre aside, zombie fiction does not have a lot of range. Almost every zombie movie or book focuses on a group of ragtag survivors in a world where ninety percent of the human race have been turned into the walking dead as they fight for survival. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a great formula that works when you have the right talent behind it. Example: Roberts Kirkman and Danny Boyle, who can do just about anything. Occasionally you have something that comes and reinvents the genre.

Imagine a world where a zombie apocalypse happened. Where a virus created by two cures caused the dead to come back and eat the living, but society never fell. Where it is the year 2040 and zombies have become a part of everyday life. This is the world of Feed by Mira Grant:  has written the most original piece of zombie fiction that I know. It is a world of paranoia, blood tests, and bleach. So, so much bleach. Oh, and zombies. Have I mentioned zombies?

The world is brilliantly fleshed out. That aside the best part of Feed, along with any great story, is the characters. The two main characters are Georgia and Shaun Mason. Two journalists(bloggers in fact) that are given the chance to cover an up-and-coming presidential candidate. On the campaign trail they discover a conspiracy which truth-obsessed Georgia and her team must blow open. The story is told from the point of view of Georgia, and the supporting characters including supportive brother Shaun, brilliant tech-junky Buffy, charming and tragic Rick, and the hopefully next president of the United States Peter Ryman are all extremely developed and three dimensional.. Those are just a few of the great characters. You will fall in love these people, and the book will break your heart more than once in the process. I have heard people complain that there aren't enough parts in the book where the zombies are featured, but I disagree. There aren't as many zombies as say The Walking Dead, but it's not about that. It's about the people and world that the zombies have created.

As I said, Feed is one of the best and most original zombie fiction ever written. Great characters in an ingeniously written world. I have just finished the trilogy and would recommend anyone else to do so also. Especially if you are a zombie fan, but you don't have to be to enjoy this great book.

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