Saturday, June 16, 2012


Um, hi! Oh, um...hello. Sorry, I'm not so good at these. I get a little nervous. I'm quite shy, actually.  My name is Gustavo Alphonso Antonio Banderas Jesus Cardinal III. No, no wait that's not it. My name is Hunter.  Much less awesome, but much more true. I love movies, books, video games, comics, women with red hair, Mexican food, new car smell, vigilantism, skydiving, dragon-riding, rock-climbing, and the occasional vampire slaying.  Actually only nine of those are true. Which ones? That is for you to decide. Basically I'm a nerd who loves a good story in basically any medium. I also love to talk about these stories with other people. That is what I hope to achieve with this blog, and I hope it turns out well. So hi, nice to meet you. I hope we can do this again.

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