Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gone South by Robert McCammon

McCammon is quickly becoming my favorite author. His stories of incredible situations and characters continue to fascinate me and become some of my favorite stories. This book is no different.

Gone South is the story of Dan Lambert, a Vietnam vet struggling through a recession. He has cancer he believes is caused by agent orange. The last thing he has to his name is his truck and now the bank wants to repossess his last real possession. During an argument Dan kills the bank's loan manager in self defense and goes on the run to a journey through south Louisiana and the bayou shanty towns that where life is essentially the wild west. On the way Dan meets a young girl named Arden Halliday. Gorgeous except for a large, dark birth mark on the side of her face. She's looking for a faith healer named the Bright Girl who may have the ability to take her birth mark away. On their journey the are tracked by two unorthodox bounty hunters. I could describe the two, but it's much better if it hits you off guard. Believe me, it's worth it.

Gone South is a story about destiny. It's about being lost about how everything happens for a reason, and how if you hold on and keep going you will arrive at the right destination. Even if wasn't the one you were looking for. Each character in the story is lost in some way or another. The book is about finding yourself and your place in life. To quote the book itself "It's not where you are the matters; it's where your going that counts."

I'm not sure how accurate it is, but I really liked McCammon's vision of south Louisiana. The lawless Cajun community is fascinating. Considering how popular shows like Swamp People are currently, it wouldn't be a surprise if those same fans find an interest in this. 

The novel is really great at being unpredictable. Your never sure where the character's are going to end up, and where they do will blow you away.

Gone South is a great hopeful novel about destiny. The last thirty pages of the book are fantastic and will honestly make you feel better about the world. Well, for at least a couple hours. But isn't that what great stories are? An escape? If so this novel is a great one.

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